Psilocybe cubensis (various strains) 10ml spore syringe

Psilocybe cubensis (various strains) 10ml spore syringe


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All these mushrooms are members of the species Psilocybe cubensis. It is the most well known psilocybin mushroom due to its wide distribution and ease of cultivation. These spores grow best on a substrate of compost, grain, pasteurized dung and straw. Each syringe contains 10 ml. In addition to spores and a growth medium, you will need a growth bag to keep the mushrooms sterile.


Amazon – This mushroom from the Amazonian rain forest is big and fleshy with golden brown nipple-shaped caps. Psilocybe cubensis Amazon produces very dense fruits. It colonizes fast and the mycelium growth is above average rizomorphic. This is one of the strains that is recommended to starting cultivators.

Mazatapec – This is one of the finer strains from Mexico, and it’s easy to cultivate. The size of the mushrooms is average, and the cap is shaped unlike that of any other mushroom. One unique characteristic about this strain is the caps stay partially closed.

Golden Teacher – This strain tends to produce huge mushrooms with beautiful golden caps.

Hawaii – Psilocybe cubensis Hawaii produces large flushes of heavy mushroom fruits. Caps size range from 25-75 mm in diameter with a reddish cinnamon brown to golden brown colour. This strain grows aggressively on a wide variety of substrates and within a broad range of temperature.

Ecuador – This strain comes from a mushroom discovered in the mountains of Ecuador. It’s a suitable strain for novice cultivators, as it is relatively easy to work with and produces predictable yields.

Dutch King (Mexican) – This strain is originally from Mexico, but has been cultivated in the Netherlands for so many years that the local variety earned a reputation of its own. The mycelium produces massive yields under a wide variety of conditions.

Cambodian – This strain is especially recommended for novice mushroom growers. It produces mycelium faster than any other strain. It grows very well on a variety of substrates and the mushrooms come in massive flushes.

B+ – B+ has the potential to produce enormous mushrooms, easily reaching a height of 30 cm or larger. No wonder B+ is one of the most popular strains available. Very suitable for indoor growing.

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Mazatapec ( $26.50), B+( $24.93), Golden Teacher ($24.50), Hawaii ($22.50), Equadorian ( $26.50), Dutch King ( Mexican ) ($23.86), Cambodia ( 23.65), Amazonian ($20.59)


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